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Journeying from Oregon to Alaska: A Frozen Art Adventure


Fairbanks, Alaska was the site of the World Ice Art Championships, also known as Ice Alaska, where professional sculptor Chris Foltz and his team from Oregon were taking part in the multiblock competition. The festival was widely regarded as one of the largest and most renowned ice sculpting events globally, due to the freezing temperatures in Alaska providing the perfect environment for sculpting ice.

The team was attempting to carve a giant punk rock baby, nicknamed “wild child,” in the competition. Though the initial idea for the sculpture came from Foltz, bringing it to life was a collaborative effort with his teammates Dean Murray, Dean DeMarais and Nicolas Graham. They worked tirelessly on the sculpture, which included a Mohawk, a guitar, and a 9-foot-tall Chihuahua, often taking advantage of volunteer bulldozer and crane operators to assist in positioning the massive ice carvings.

As the competition neared its end, the team faced challenges in attaching the Mohawk spikes and mounting the guitar. There were minor setbacks, including the guitar stem causing damage to the sculpture, but with determination and teamwork, they overcame these obstacles.

On the last day of the competition, the team hustled to complete the sculpture, working long hours to bring their vision to life. The process was arduous, but Foltz appreciated the camaraderie that developed between him and his teammates. Ultimately, despite the challenges and setbacks, they managed to position the giant ice dog next to the baby, completing the sculpture.

Foltz and his team’s dedication and perseverance throughout the competition were evident, showcasing the true spirit and passion of ice sculpting. Despite the inevitable challenges that come with working with ice, the team remained focused and determined to create a stunning masterpiece for the Ice Alaska competition.