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December 18, 2023: Alaska News Nightly for Monday


Alaska News Nightly: Monday, December 18, 2023

A man in a parka stands on an ice field looking toward the sun low in the sky. (Photo by Caroline Nashookpuk)

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Monday on Alaska News Nightly:

Breaking down what’s included — and what’s not — in Governor Dunleavy’s budget. Plus, amid a looming natural gas shortfall, there was lackluster interest in the first royalty-free Cook Inlet lease sale. And, Wrangell swimmers grieve the loss of their teammates in last month’s fatal landslide.

Reports tonight from:

Wesley Early, Kavitha George, Chris Klint and Rhonda McBride in Anchorage

Riley Board in Kenai

Maria Dudzak in Ketchikan

Brian Venua in Kodiak

This episode of Alaska News Nightly is hosted by Wesley Early, with audio engineering from Chris Hyde and producing from Tim Rockey.

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