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Commerce Commissioners in Alaska praise the expansion of the Russian seafood ban


Alaska Officials Approve Biden’s Expanded Ban on Russian Seafood

The commissioners of Alaska’s Department of Commerce, Community, and Economic Development (DCCED) and the state’s Department of Fish and Game (ADFG) have given their support to President Joe Biden’s expanded ban on Russian seafood, stating that the measure will benefit Alaska.

The ban, which was enacted to put pressure on Russia over its military actions in Ukraine, has been welcomed by Alaska officials. They believe that the ban will create new opportunities for Alaskan seafood producers by reducing competition from Russian imports.

The approval of the ban by the DCCED and ADFG reflects the broader support for the measure within the state’s government. It is seen as a positive move for the local economy and the fishing industry in Alaska.

The ban on Russian seafood is part of a broader effort to sanction Russia for its actions in Ukraine. President Biden’s administration has been working to coordinate international efforts to isolate and pressure Russia, and the ban on seafood imports is one part of this strategy.

Overall, the support from Alaska officials for the ban on Russian seafood highlights the broader political and economic implications of the measure. It will be interesting to see how this ban plays out in the context of US-Russian relations and the global seafood market.