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Alaska Environment and Wildlife News for November 26, 2023

Protecting Alaska’s Coastal Plain

A federal court has upheld the Biden administration’s decision to cancel oil and gas leases in the Coastal Plain of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. The decision is a victory for environmentalists and Indigenous groups who have long fought to protect the fragile ecosystem.

Alaska’s Wildlife Populations Face Threats

Alaska’s wildlife populations are facing a number of threats, including climate change, habitat loss, and pollution. A new report from the Alaska Department of Fish and Game found that the state’s moose population has declined by 20% since 2009.

Conservation Efforts Make Progress

Despite the challenges, there are also some positive stories to tell about Alaska’s environment and wildlife. Conservation efforts are making progress, and new technologies are being used to track and protect animals.

Here are some of the latest news stories on Alaska’s environment and wildlife:

  • Court Upholds Biden Administration’s Decision to Cancel Oil and Gas Leases in Arctic Refuge Coastal Plain
  • Alaska’s Moose Population Declines by 20%
  • New Technology Helps Track and Protect Alaska’s Wildlife
  • Conservation Efforts Make Progress in Alaska

These stories are just a few examples of the many important issues facing Alaska’s environment and wildlife. As we continue to learn more about these issues, we can develop new and innovative ways to protect Alaska’s wild places and the animals that call them home.