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Alaska Airlines to Increase Baggage Fees in 2024


The fear of a precedent being set for raising baggage fees among U.S. airlines has arisen after Alaska Airlines announced an increase in their fees. The airline has raised its checked bag fee from $30 to $35 for economy passengers, with a second bag jumping from $40 to $45. However, other U.S. airlines have not yet followed suit.

Alaska Airlines attributed the fee increase to rising operating costs, including high fuel prices. The new baggage fees will go into effect on January 2, 2024. While frequent travelers and those with credit cards affiliated with Alaska will still receive benefits such as a free checked bag, the potential for other airlines to raise their fees remains uncertain.

The move has sparked concerns among air travelers, who are already frustrated with the many ancillary fees that airlines impose. It remains to be seen whether other U.S. airlines will follow Alaska’s lead in increasing baggage fees.