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Reducing Methane Emissions Can Benefit Alaska’s Fisheries: An Opinion


The following article was written by Linda Behnken and Kate Troll. It was published and updated 3 hours ago. The authors discuss the effects of climate change on Alaska’s fisheries, particularly regarding the decline of chum salmon in the Yukon and Kuskokwim watersheds, blaming it on warming seas. They highlight the importance of addressing climate impacts and emphasize the need for action to reduce emissions, particularly methane leaks. The authors also criticize the Alaska Oil and Gas Conservation Commission for its unwillingness to act against methane leaks from oil and gas operations. They stress the significance of reducing methane emissions and call for Alaska to join the international action to address this issue. They conclude by urging the AOGCC to take its statutory obligation seriously and begin reining in non-emergency flaring and venting of methane. The authors provide insight into their own backgrounds, with Linda Behnken being a commercial fisherwoman and the executive director of Alaska Longline Fishermen’s Association, and Kate Troll having experience in coastal management, fisheries, and climate and energy policy. They express their own views and are not necessarily endorsed by the Anchorage Daily News. Lastly, they provide guidelines for submitting pieces for consideration to the publication.